Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[ here is to day one ]

Hi. I'm Amanda. I'm 25 years old. I'm married to my absolute best friend, I can promise you that you will learn all about him through my posts. I wanted to begin blogging since my life took an unexpected turn April of 2012 [which you will hear about later on, probably every blog - this will help healing]. I've been inspired by a few people who have blogged because of unexpected events in their life, and it seems to help them. Having all different kinds of inspiration has helped, even from people you don't even know. I was once told "You are human, you were born to be real - not perfect" - with that I know that I will be happy, I will be sad, I will laugh, I will cry, I will have major highs, major lows, and some "in-betweens". It's knowing how to deal with it all, with your own heart, your own confidence. I'm learning.

Now a little about ME. I'm from Virginia Beach [a beautiful place]. My mother and father moved here in the early 80's to start a life [believe me, I wasn't on the way - yet!]. I grew up loving the beach, that salty air! I have a younger brother, Bradley (18) and an older sister Monica (37). My brother lives here with me, we see each other weekly. He is growing into a young man and it's crazy. I love him so much! My sister lives in Colorado with her family, I don't see her as much as I'd like and we are no where close enough, but I know she will always be there when I need her, my brother needs her and even when my mother needs her. She is an awesome person and I love her more than she knows. Growing up I wanted to be a Tennis player, never a day in my life have I played Tennis - so what gave me that idea I have no clue. However, my parents introduced me to softball and that became my thing. My father was my coach from the day I started to the day I said "good-bye". He taught me so much about the sport, but more so about life. I went on the field (sometimes I like to act like the "field" is every day life - if that makes sense) as if it was going to be my very last game and played my heart out. I played with all I had, I was competitive, I didn't like to loose - but I was okay with it because every time I lost, it taught me "I'm Real" ... and if I was "perfect" I'd win every single time, but I'm not. I'm Real. I met a lifetime friend when I began playing, Katherine <34. We were the dynamic duo. When I became a big sister, I never knew a love could be so strong. I never knew that anyone else would be a fine mix of my mother and father. I never knew my mother could love someone else so much as she loved me. I never knew how much a father believes his son will be dedicated and hard working like him. But I began to know what life was going to be like years down the road for me. I was a wild child - my parents started focusing on my brother more, which I was fine with [from what I remember]. But I was also a goody goody. I told my parents everything and when I said everything I mean everything! When I got older and I had friends who did the "teenage" stuff, I would tell my parents, I would confide in my parents when I wouldn't know what to do. But I also reminded my friends, just because I don't do those things, doesn't mean we can't be friends, doesn't mean you can't call me for a ride, doesn't mean you can't come to my house when you know you can't go home. I was always the "go-to" friend. I think I was born without a back bone at times. I think my heart is pure gold [sometimes it needs some polishing when I'm down]. But for the most part .. I love everyone. I do not pass judgement. I will love you endlessly. High school was not the best four years of my life, but that be because I didn't go to school with my best friends; granted I did have friends in high school - they were just not my best friends. I had friends at Salem, Bayside, Kellam, First Colonial, Princess Anne and Hickory. I went to school for school and sports. I was on the softball team and I think this where God told me enough was a enough, put your backbone together. As I have stated previously, my father taught me so much about this sport. And one thing he taught me was "you don't take any shit". My senior year at Frank. W. Cox [supposed to be the BEST year], I walked on the field, an hour before game day .. jersey in hand - not on .. my hands were shaking .. I looked the Coach dead in the eye and said "I will not be playing today, tomorrow or the rest of the year". I had done it. I had stood up for myself. I had put my feelings in my hands, and handled them. However, I walked away feeling I'd let my parents down because they taught me love this sport and I did SO much. I have a love for softball that is unconditional, but I had a Coach that made softball a "chore". I did not once care to win, I did not once care to try my hardest and I sure as hell did not once care to be who I knew I was. When I broke the news to my parents, I wrote them a letter, I couldn't face them. I was scared, my backbone was taken away, again. Yes, they were upset but they knew I had to do what was best for me. During this crazy hectic time I met this crazy little country boy, William [now my husband!]. We started seeing each other in April of 2007. Man oh Man! I was crazy about this boy - he was like no other. Mind you, the first day we met .. I did tell him "one day, I'm going to marry you!". hmm, and look where we stand. We dated for 4 years, then we got married. He is my absolute soul mate, my best friend.

Now between 2007 and now A LOT has happened, of course. But I'm not sure if I want to fill in the blanks just yet. Of course, if you have questions - ask. I love telling stories, better yet, hearing stories.

"I promise to be better tomorrow than I am today"


  1. :) Love you girl~! I am so glad I met your parents before you were born, and got to watch you grow up to be the beautiful woman you are! <3

  2. Michelle, that means a lot! It's crazy to know you've been there since day one. You've seen it all and I am thankful for you and your family!